Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TS Celine Looking 4 Someone Serious

Name: Celine Artadi

location: Cebu,Philippines

status: single

age: 24

pre-op ladyboy

contact #: +639333952588

My Yahoo Messenger ID:maldeeta19 

Just can\'t seem to find that sexy one to sweep me off of my feet., 

I am looking for my husband the man I can spend the rest of my life 
Tell me why does it seem so hard to find someone that makes your 
heart tick? 
There is Billions of people in this world and yet only a small 
percentage find this so called \"soulmate\". 
I then have to question myself am I too picky, Do i have to many 
expectations? Am I unrealistic? 

Truthfully I am looking for a best friend. 
Some one I can laugh with, debate with, wrestle with even fight 
with, (for makeup sex is THE BEST SEX) agree? 
Ideally I want to get married and share my life with someone. One 
that i can awake to every morning with a sexy smile and gentle warm 

I want to find someone that is not afraid to walk hand in hand in 
public, and cares not of what other people say or think. 

I need a person that does not view me as a fetish but as a person 
that has a lil somthing extra to offer the relationship. 

I would like to end this by also saying that please still contact me 
as if I find the love I am looking for I would do anything I have to 
so I could enjoy this person in my life

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