Wednesday, March 2, 2011 was removed by

Guys Again Bad News
Blogger Removed another of my sites, 
Shemales First Class.

Blogger has this DAMN Automatic Robot SPAM DETECTOR,
And has been running wild removing many Blogs, not only mine
but many other Bloggers.
Most of the Blogs that are being removed has nothing to do
with SPAM.

So will not be adding any more Blog sites at Blogger, thats the
Last time to add a site there.

I Am working on Two other locations now to restart 
Shemales First Class,    
Have not decided Yet what site
will be the Best.

But Never Fear 
Shemales First Class shall return soon.

Although I am really down about them Removing 
Shemales First Class from Blogger.
That site was about 8 Years Old. 
and was my first Blog site.

But that Wont Stop the Parade of 
Beautiful Shemales Around the
Shemales First Class Shall Soon Return....

Just Keep Watch for my posts, For the return..
Until then Keep Checking out Ladyboy World.
Click the Banner Below.

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